Stand Up Paddleboard Tours in Hilton Head Island


Doggie paddles

Does your pup like to SUP?  We find this sport to be very dog friendly.  You are welcome to bring your furry friend on your adventure, just let us know before hand so we can make sure its appropriate for all involved.

sunset paddle

    This has quickly become one of our most requested trips. At the end of these hot summer days, the wind dies down and the temperature cools, lending towards an absolutely breathtaking evening on the water.


sup yoga

    We provide SUP Yoga sessions by appointment.  Time and location are weather and tide dependent.  Give us a ring or shoot us an e-mail to schedule your SUP Yoga trip today!


Fishing Charters

For an amazing fishing experience, reserve a SUP Fish charter!  SUP Adventures partners with local fishing guides to provide the ONLY SUP FISHING CHARTER AROUND!  We use Dragonfly boards for our fishing charters.  These boards are super stable, and specifically designed for fishing.  


Paddleboard rentals are available on a daily basis.  We will deliver the boards to you, and pick them up when you are done.  We use Bote Paddleboards, which are highly desirable and very versatile.  If fishing is your thing, we also have some fishing set-ups available.  


    SUP Adventures in Hilton Head Island is perfect if you are new to Stand-Up Paddleboarding.  Lessons are available in both private and group settings.  The Bote Paddleboards we use are very stable and high quality, making this sport accessible to anyone!